Is This Real Life?

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Welcome to my first blog and very first post! As part of the launch of Artography By Jordan, I’ve decided to start a blog so that you can follow along with me on my photo shoots. Thanks to my wonderful wife, Rachel, I also have my website up and running.  I am finally diving into the world of photography and people (including myself) are taking me seriously.

A Little Bit About Myself

I have had a passion for taking pictures for years. I tend to have a bad memory so I have always used my camera to help compensate for those potentially lost memories. I’m not sure when exactly, but sometime in the last six years this small fire has grown into a blaze. I love running around with a camera and having the creative freedom to bring life to something that may not have ever been noticed. I guess what really fuelled the fire was recieiving my first semi professional camera for Christmas two years ago. Since then, I have taken a few classes, read technique books, bought equipment and practiced a lot.

I’m so excited to be starting this business and the chance to help other people capture those memories that could potentially be forgotten. I’m in the portfolio building stage right now of my business. So if you, or anyone you know would like thier pictures taken, let me know. I would love the chance to work with you.

A Little Snap Shot of My Life

While Saturday wasn’t an official photo shoot, I snapped a few pictures of Rachel and Noah during our visit to Loose Park.

Noah loved playing in the grass.

Since it was nice and warm out, we headed over to the Splash Park.


About Jordan

I’m a natural light photographer with a passion for capturing the small details in life that make it beautiful. People tend to live life in the fast lane, always moving to get to the next place. I like to slow things down and capture the little things that we often miss like that natural smile or the light hitting a flower just right.

3 responses to “Is This Real Life?

  1. Beautiful pictures! OMG to have such talent would be amazing. Good luck, you sure have the talent to do great!

  2. Great pictures! You are very talented!!!

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