Lauren and Matt Senior/Couple Shoot

For my first official shoot I got to take my little sister’s Senior Portraits. Her boyfriend, Matt, was with her and I ended up getting quite a few awesome shots of them together. So in a way, it kind of turned into a couple shoot. And then while we were at it, we figured we might as well snap a few of Matt. All in all, I got a lot of practice and we had a blast running around Loose Park and a few other places around Kansas City. Both Lauren and Matt were troopers during the hot and humid afternoon. Lauren even climbed her first tree for some of the pictures.

Lauren&Matt           Lauren&Matt Lauren&MattLauren&MattLauren&MattLauren&MattLauren&Matt  IMG_8475 logo IMG_8953 LOGO   Lauren&Matt Lauren&MattLauren&Matt Lauren&MattLauren&MattLauren&MattLauren&MattLauren&MattLauren&Matt



About Jordan

I’m a natural light photographer with a passion for capturing the small details in life that make it beautiful. People tend to live life in the fast lane, always moving to get to the next place. I like to slow things down and capture the little things that we often miss like that natural smile or the light hitting a flower just right.

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